Want To Add A Partial Fence To Your Yard? Three Potential Ideas

While fencing is typically used to enclose a yard, sometimes that is just not possible. You may not have the budget for a fence that large to completely surround a large yard, or there may be natural barriers that act as a fence already. Here are some ideas for installing a partial fence.

Decorative Fencing

If you only need a partial fence, the chances are that you do not need security. You may be looking for something that is more decorative, which gives you plenty of options. For example, if you are using a partial fence to block the view of an ugly alley, you may want something that helps add beauty rather than privacy.

Lattice fencing is one option that creates a barrier while not being a solid wall of wood. Many people use lattice fencing to grow plants across the surface, which look great once the plants fully grow in. Ivy can sprawl across the surface and someday look like you have a part of Wrigley Field in your backyard.

Tapered-Off Sides

When you are just installing a fence along the back of the yard, you may be wondering how you help the fence not look like it was incomplete. One way to do this is to taper off the fence with some side pieces. You can bring in one more section of fencing that comes inward toward your home but have it angle downward in a way where the fence gradually tapers off. The nice thing about this technique is that it gives you two corners of the yard that can be used for decorative purposes with the fence as a backdrop. It's perfect for mirrored garden beds to give your yard some symmetry. The tapered-off size will also help establish where the fence will go in case you ever wanted to finish fencing off your yard down the road.

Split-Rail Fencing

On a budget and can't afford a lot of fencing material? Consider using split-rail fencing to help mark where your property ends. You won't have privacy with this type of material, but it is low to the ground and has two or three horizontal rails. This means that the amount of material used will be much less, which helps make the fence more affordable.

Not sure on what to do for a partial fence? Work with a fencing contractor, such as York Fence Co, in your area for more ideas.