3 Custom Fence Ideas That Will Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space

Custom fencing can be great for many different purposes in landscaping design. It can be much more than a privacy fence that encloses your yard—fences can also include practical features and design that help make your outdoor living space complete. Here are some custom fence ideas that will give your outdoor living space something more.

1. Give Custom Fencing An Herb Garden For Your Outdoor Cooking Area

Other features that you may be considering adding to your outdoor living space are cooking areas and outdoor kitchens. Before you can start cooking, you are going to need vegetables and herbs to spice up your recipes. An outdoor herb garden is an easy solution to provide fresh spices you can use in your backyard kitchen. To save space, use a custom fence as a vertical garden for vegetables and herbs that can be used in outdoor cooking. This will also be an attractive and aromatic addition to any outdoor living space. If you want to do a larger vegetable garden, consider using a rod iron fence to separate the garden area from outdoor living space in a more attractive way.

2. Built-In Seating Solutions With Fencing In Your Outdoor Living Space

Built-in seating is another solution that you may want to consider for your outdoor living space. Built-in benches can easily be added to custom wood fence designs. If you want the seating to have more of an attractive look with decorative details, talk with the fencing service about using decorative brackets made of rod iron materials for a more appealing look.

3. Using Custom Fencing To Integrate Lighting And Electrical Systems For Outdoor Living Space

There are so many ways that you can use custom fencing to provide an attractive solution for mounting outdoor lighting and electrical wiring. Fence posts can be capped with lights that provide illumination for your outdoor space and electrical wires can be hidden with a conduit beneath the soil or inside fence cavities. If you are using rod iron fencing, electrical wires can be hidden beneath the bottom rail of fence sections. Talk with the fence service about adding fasteners or clips that can be used to attach electrical wire or conduit.

These are some custom fence ideas that will give your outdoor living space something more. When you are ready to add more features to your outdoor space, contact a fencing service like Security Fence and talk to them about some of these custom fence ideas.