Adopting a Large-Breed Puppy? Add to Your Fence to Create a Sizeable Dog Run

Owning a property with an enclosed fence is perfect for adopting a dog. It prevents you from having to worry about the dogs running off of the property if they were to be let outside without a leash. But, when you plan on adopting a puppy, you may not want them to have access to the entire backyard. You might have plants that are poisonous to dogs or a garden that your dog might end up ruining. This makes it worth to build a dog run, and you may find it easier to add onto the fence that is already on the land. Aside from figuring out where to put the dog run, you should make sure it has the right qualities.

Add Coyote Rollers to the Surrounding Area

The average cost per foot of fence with installation is around $21, but this will change depending on the material, height, location, and fence company used. One addition that you will want to make is coyote rollers. Since the new fence will connect with the existing fence at two points to form an enclosed area, you will want to apply these rollers to all four sides to make it difficult for your large-breed dog to escape the yard.

Put in a Large Gate for Easy Access

It might not be easy to get your puppy to go into the dog run when you want them to. So, you will benefit from adding a large gate that allows you to carry them inside for when they are being a bit stubborn. The gate will also make it easier to put things like a dog house into the dog run without a problem. If you ever want to repurpose the space, you will enjoy having a large gate that does not cause any complications. The coyote roller should also be put on the gate to avoid having a spot that makes it easier to escape.

Place Gaps Between Pickets for Visibility

One of the most important parts of a dog run is visibility. It is nice to know what your dog is doing while they are inside the dog run, especially when they are still a puppy. If they are trying to dig their way out or jump over the fence, being able to see inside can help you correct their behavior. This is easy to do with both wood and vinyl fences, as the pickets can be placed with a noticeable gap in between.

Building onto the fence you have is a perfect way to create a dog run for your new puppy.