Four Reasons Why Cedar Is An Excellent Wood For Fencing

Wooden fences have a lovely rustic look, and they add privacy and security to your yard. When choosing a wooden fence, however, it's essential that you choose the right wood. While oak, cypress, and pine fences all have their place, cedar offers some exceptional benefits that make it the best option for many homeowners.

Cedar is naturally unappealing to insects.

Nobody wants wood bees or termites in their fence. To keep these pests away from most wood fencing, you need to treat the wood with insecticides. This is not the case with cedar. It contains powerful natural oils that are very unappealing to bugs. They'll stay far away, and you never have to worry about spreading chemical insecticides all over your yard. This is a definite benefit if you have dogs or kids who might touch or lick the fence.

Cedar is resistant to warping and shrinking.

Many woods warp over time as they absorb and then give off water. This can lead to a fence looking crooked and unkempt after just a few short years. With cedar, however, this is not a problem. The wood does not warp as it ages, so your fence rails will stay looking straight and true.

Cedar won't rot or mold.

Most woods have to be treated with sealants so they are not exposed to rain water, which causes them to mold and rot. Cedar, however, has its own natural oils that prevent it from holding on to water for too long. As a result, it does not mold or rot when exposed to moisture -- and you don't have to worry about waterproofing or sealing it. You can stain or paint cedar if you like, but many homeowners choose to leave it natural since they like the rustic look and this requires less work.

Cedar is abundant.

Cedar trees are rather easy to cultivate and are grown extensively throughout the United States. The trees are not susceptible to many diseases or blights, so they are relatively easy for growers to produce. Thus, cedar is easy to find, and it tends to be affordably priced. If you ever need to replace fence posts or rails, you can rest assured that plenty of cedar will be available.

To learn more about cedar fencing, speak with a fencing contractor in your area. This wood is a low-maintenance, durable, and affordable choice for many homeowners throughout the U.S.

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