Annual Cleaning And Maintenance Of Your Property's Aluminum Fence

One of the biggest advantages of having an aluminum fence around your property is that it requires very little cleaning and maintenance. However, aluminum fences do need some yearly attention to ensure that they stay clean and in good repair. There are also some specific things that you can do to prevent future damage to your metal fence.

On a sunny day each spring, take the time to clean, maintain, and protect your aluminum fence from future damage by:

Cleaning Your Aluminum Fence

Since aluminum fencing does not rust like wrought iron, you can safely clean it with soapy water and a natural-bristle brush. Liquid dish soap mixed with warm water will dissolve most stains that you will encounter on your fence.

Scrub any stains on the fence with the brush and then wash down the entire fence using your garden hose. Wash the fence using a bottom-top-bottom motion to ensure that you get all of the dirt off without leaving behind unsightly streaks and drips from dirty water drying on the fence.

Pressure washing is not advised for any metal fences, and aluminum fences are no exception. Pressure washers generate streams of water that are strong enough to pit the metal used to make residential fences and will damage the powder coating finishes on aluminum fences.

Maintaining Your Aluminum Fence

After cleaning your property's fence and letting it dry in the sunshine, walk around the entire perimeter of the fence and check for damage.

Some common problems with older metal fences are:

  • broken rails

  • loose fence posts

  • broken connection hardware

  • no longer level gates

  • objects leaning against the fence

You can easily fix any of these issues, and should also place oil on each of the gate's hinges to keep it working well and free of squeaking. You can use any motor oil for this task, and placing it in an oil can will make the process cleaner and easier to accomplish.

Preventing Future Aluminum Fence Damage

You will be happy to learn that there are many things you can do to prevent future damage to your property's aluminum fencing. Some of these things include:

  • don't let the gate swing in the wind

  • keep children off of your fence and gate

  • do not use a weed trimmer near the bottom of your fence

Finally, it is important to keep vegetation and landscaping rocks away from the bottom of your fence's posts. Rock can chip the powder coating, and vegetation can place unnecessary stress onto the fence.

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