About The Pros And Cons Of A Chain Link Fence

Are you tired of worrying about your dog running away when he or she is in the front yard? You may want to think about getting a chain link fence installed around the perimeter of your front yard. Find out below about the pros and cons of a chain link fence, as well as what it costs to get one professionally installed.

What are the Pros of a Chain Link Fence?

One of the best pros about a chain link fence is that the metal is galvanized for durability. Basically, a chain link fence is treated before being sold to prevent it from getting rusty. You won't have to worry about rust eating into the metal and forcing you to replace the fence in a short period of time. There is very little maintenance required for a chain link fence.

Another pro to consider is that a chain link fence can secure your dog without blocking your view on the other side, such as your view of the street and neighbors houses. A chain link fence will also allow other people to see your house number if they are trying to find your house, which can be helpful when you get food delivered from restaurants.

What are the Cons of a Chain Link Fence?

Although a chain link fence is great for keeping your dog in the yard, a con is that it won't keep trespassers out of the yard. The wires on a chain link fence are easy to cut with the right kind of tool. You will also have no privacy when outside because everyone will be able to look through the fence.

Another con is that a chain link fence can come apart and sharp wires will be exposed. If you don't make timely repairs, the damaged fencing can lead to someone of your pet getting injured. However, the wires should remain intact for a long time if you make sure the fence is installed by a professional.

Is it Affordable for a Professional to Install a Chain Link Fence?

The affordability to get a chain link fence professionally installed will depend on your budget and how much fencing is required for the task. You can expect to pay an average up to $4,000 for the materials and labor if you get a fence that is 100 feet long. Speak to a contractor so he or she can install your chain link fence as soon as possible!

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