Here's Why It's Best To Hire A Fencing Contractor Rather Then Attempt A DIY Installation

If you're thinking about installing a fence yourself, you may want to consider the advantages to having a contractor do it for you. Unless you just want the satisfaction of doing the work yourself, it's probably worth it to pay more so the job is done right. There are probably things such as building codes and utility regulations you are not even aware of. Here's why you should consider saving your DIY skills for another project and let a contractor install your fence.

The Prep Work

Before construction begins, a lot of calculation and planning take place. You'll need to understand how local regulations affect the height and spacing of your fence. For example, you may not be allowed to place a fence on your property line if you need to allow room for a utility easement. You may need to have your property surveyed first to locate the boundaries of your property.

Once you know where you fence can go, you have to calculate the amount of lumber and supplies you'll need. In addition, you'll have to figure out how to install the fence so it is level when there are hills and valleys in the fence line. A contractor will handle all these technical details and save you from making a costly mistake during the preparation phase.

Working The Soil

Another good reason to hire a fencing contractor is to dig the post holes. If your soil is compacted or hard, it is very difficult to dig the holes with a manual post hole digger. Instead, you'll need to rent equipment for the job if you do it yourself. At the very least, you may want a contractor to dig the holes, even if you want to put up the fence yourself later. In addition to being difficult to dig in certain kinds of soil, the holes can also be difficult to dig properly so the fence is even and stable. Also, you have to be aware of underground cables and plumbing pipes. You can create a disaster if you damage a utility line by digging in the wrong place.

The Installation Process

Besides saving you a lot of work, the job will get done much quicker if you have a team from a fencing company install your fence. This could be important if you want the fence finished in time for company or an event. If you've never installed a fence before and don't have a lot of experience with DIY projects, you'll probably vastly underestimate the amount of work needed and time involved to install a fence yourself.

The extra cost you have to pay for fencing services is probably worth it. Plus, a sloppy fence ruins the appearance of your property. When you get a fence professionally installed, it not only looks nice and is properly positioned, it is also sturdy and ready for a long life of wear and tear.