Red Or White? Cedar Not Wine

If you like the look of a wooden fence, you need to choose a good type of wood for your fence. You could choose something like pine or birch for your crosspieces and fence slats, but then your fence won't hold up well to the elements. You could use pressure-treated lumber, but then you will lose a lot of the beauty of natural wood grain. If you want a beautiful, long-lasting fence, you should choose cedar. Even if you go with cedar, you still need to make a choice between red and white. 

Is Red or White More Naturally Rot Resistant?

Red cedar comes from the western forests of the United States, and white cedar comes from the east. They both have naturally occurring oils that resist rot, but they do not contain the same amount of rot resistance. Western red cedar has more naturally occurring oils than white cedar. Thus, if you want your fence to last for the longest amount of time, you should choose red cedar. It will cost slightly more than white cedar, but the increased durability will make the extra cost worth it. Even if you get red cedar, you still need to make sure you get wood harvested from the right part of the tree. 

Heartwood vs. Sapwood

Woods that are harvested from near the surface of a tree are called sapwoods because most of the tree's sap will flow through the tree close to the bark. The wood near the center of the tree will have less sap flow, so it will have a greater stockpile of nutrients. This is the heartwood of the tree. The most long-lasting boards come from heartwood. Thus, before you buy wood for your fence, you should check to make sure that you are getting heartwood. It will give you the best value for your money. 

No matter what type of cedar you get, you will still need to treat your cedar in some way to get the longest lifespan. You can paint cedar, but that will cover up the natural grain, so you may, instead, want to treat your cedar with an oil. This will provide yet another layer of protection for your fence. A wooden fence can add natural beauty to your home, but you will want to make sure that the beauty of your fence does not come at the cost of longevity. Heartwood from a red cedar will give you a fence that will last for decades. 

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