Six Good Reasons Why Chain Link Fencing Is Still A Good Idea

With all of the new fencing products on the market today, such as vinyl and aluminum fencing, you may not have considered one of the traditional and most reliable products for your new fence--chain link. Chain link fencing is not only durable, but it's one of the most affordable fencing products available. However, the attractive price tag isn't the only reason to consider a chain link fence.

Benefits of chain link fencing

1. It's affordable. Chain link fencing is one of the most affordable fencing products on the market today, much less expensive than vinyl, wooden or aluminum fencing. While the price of your fence will depend on the size of your lot, the average price for a chain link fence is $1,500, compared to an average of $2,500 for a wooden fence.

2. It's versatile. Chain link fencing doesn't have to be that industrial-looking metal mesh. Today's chain link fencing comes in a variety of colors, from black to forest green. You can also buy slats that weave through the chain links to give your fence more privacy and a more finished look.

3. It requires little maintenance. It's easy to keep chain link fencing looking sharp. This type of fencing doesn't need to be painted regularly or re-stained, nor is it subject to rust like iron fencing or fungus and rot like wood fencing. All you need to do to maintain your chain link fence is wash it periodically with a garden hose.

4. It's easy to install. Chain link fencing is easy to install and doesn't require any special training or equipment like other types of fencing. Most chain link fences can be put up by a DIY crew over a weekend by renting a post hole digger.

5. It stands up to Mother Nature. Chain link fences can stand up to most anything Mother Nature can throw at them. This type of fencing is impervious to water and snow. It can't be easily blown down in a windstorm or knocked down by livestock. It's also unattractive to insects like termites that can quickly compromise a wooden fence.

6. It's durable. A well-installed chain link fence can last for decades. The average lifespan of a chain link fence is 30+ years. That's more than twice the lifespan of a wooden fence.

While chain link fencing may not be the right answer for every homeowner, this type of fencing is affordable, durable and easy to take care of. It's certainly worth a second look. Contact a company like Elrod Fence Co for more information.