Sprucing Up An Old Iron Fence

If your business has an old iron fence around your business building, you may have thought about doing some changes to make your establishment look a little more appealing to people passing by. An ornamental iron fence can give a powerful look, and a paint job with some signs can really do wonders for your business. Here are some tips you can use to bring out the best in your iron fencing.

Start By Sanding

The first step in revamping your iron fencing is to give it a complete sanding session. This will take off any areas of old, flecked paint and it will remove any spots of rust that may have built up over the years. Start by using a wire brush to scrape up any bubbled or cracking paint.

Use a piece of coarse sandpaper and sand down the iron in any spot that looks decayed. This may take a while, so be prepared by scheduling it at a time when there is no chance of inclement weather. You do not want the fencing to be uncovered when moisture is in the air, so several days of dry weather is recommended before starting the sanding process.

Continue By Cleaning

After you have prepared the surface so the fencing is smooth, a deep cleaning is recommended. This can be done by using a non-abrasive sponge and a mild detergent. Scrub every inch of your fencing and dry it with a clean piece of cloth afterwards so there is no risk of rusting. Make sure to get in the small crevices and corners, as these are spots that insects and spiders like to hide and build webs. 

Add Some Coloring

Use a rust-inhibiting paint to color your fencing. Place a sheet or tarp on the ground on each side of the area where you will be working. This will protect the foliage or landscaping around your fence. Use a paintbrush when coloring iron. If you use a sprayer, you will miss a lot of the smaller areas of intricate scrolling and you will end up with a lot of wasted paint on the ground.

Adorn With Decorations

Adding a few signs to your ornamental fencing will make your business more noticeable to passersby. Place an open/closed sign or an hours of operation sign so people will know when you are available to conduct business. A custom-made sign with the name of your business on it will help people to know what it is that you do inside, as well.