Adressing Questions You Might Have About Fencing Your Property

Installing a fence around your property is a common upgrade that many homeowners want to make to their property. However, fences are a more complicated upgrade to make than most people anticipate. Fortunately, understanding the answers to a couple of routine questions will help you better understand what installing a fence will be like and how to avoid some routine problems. 

Will You Or The Fencing Contractor Provide The Building Supplies?

During a fencing project, many people are somewhat confused as to whether they or the contractor will be providing the materials for the project. Unfortunately, there may not be a simple answer because some contractors will provide these materials while others may not. As a result, you should always closely review the contact to determine where responsibility for this task rests. 

However, it should be noted that there may be times where the contractor is unable to provide the materials for your project even if they usually offer this service. This is most often the case when you are wanting to use specialty or custom fencing materials. While arranging for transportation of these materials to the site can be somewhat inconvenient, it may be the only way to use the materials that you want. 

Can Avoid Staining Due To Oxidation Of The Nails?

Those with wooden fences may notice that the fence posts will start to develop a red stain. This stain results from rust developing on the nails in the fence. The rust will run down the side of the fence post during storms, and this will lead to severe discolorations. Fortunately, there are a couple of relatively simple ways of preventing this problem. 

Perhaps, the most effective way of avoiding this problem is opting for vinyl over real wood. Wood has numerous pores that can allow the pigment from the rust to seep deep into it. However, vinyl does not have these pores and choosing this material will help you avoid this problem. 

For those with existing wood fences, this problem may not be able to be avoided entirely, but it can be mitigated by sealing the exposed portion of the nails. To do this, you will need to apply a layer of caulk or rubber cement over the nail. This will form a waterproof layer that will keep the nails from rusting and ruining the fence. 

Fencing your property can be an excellent way of keeping it safe from wandering animals and criminal activity. By understanding these two common questions, you should be better able to understanding what the installation will be like and how to keep your fence looking great. Talk to experts like Harrington & Company for more information.