How To Prep And Stain A Wood Fence

If your home has a wood fence that encloses your property, maintaining the fence is essential to ensure that it lasts for years to come. Weather is unavoidable and will cause the wood to deteriorate, making your fence look old and faded. Sprucing up a fence is easy to do by applying a coat of stain, and it's a job that you can do all on your own.

Tools and Materials

Start by gathering the following tools and materials. Anything that you do not own can be purchased from a local home improvement store.

  • Roller, brush, or sprayer
  • Stain
  • Bleach
  • Mildew remover
  • Pressure washer

Clean The Fence

The first step is to clean your fence before adding any stain to it. It's important to do this so that the new stain will go on evenly, as debris and dirt can get trapped under the layer of stain. You can mix together a homemade cleaning solution with water, bleach, and mildew remover. Bleach assists in removing stains from the fence. Mildew remover prevents mildew from forming on the fence, even after applying the stain.

A pressure washer is necessary to wash the fence. Just make sure to follow the directions for how close you should have the pressure washer to the fence, since being too close could damage the wood. The fence will need to dry completely before you apply the stain.

Repair The Fence           

Now is a great time to check your fence for boards that are cracked, rotted, or warped. You can buy a new section of fence that has new boards you can use to replace the ones that are broken. If the fence boards look off in color, don't worry. The stain will correct that problem. Major problems like as a support post that is damaged can be difficult to repair on your own, and may require the help of a fencing contractor.

Stain The Fence

If there are sections of your fence that do not match in color, you can use a semi-transparent stain that will add color to the fence. If everything looks uniform and you want to retain the fence's color, use a transparent stain. Applying stain is very similar to painting. You can use a roller, brush, or sprayer to apply stain, though a sprayer may be better at getting into the small crevices of the wood. Use an old rag to clean up any stain that is pooling or dripping on the wood. When the stain has finished drying, the fence will look great and be protected.

If you have any questions about your fence, contact a fencing company like Family Fence Company.